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Charice fans: Unite!
Charice Pempengco (born May 1992) is a young singer from the Philippines who received international claim through her videos in Youtube.


1. All fans of Charice are free to join ^_^ You are more than welcome to post news about our little rising star.

2. No haters allowed. If you want to join the community just for the purpose of talking crap about Charice, then I suggest that you kindly leave and go create your own community. I can't tell you to shut up coz I know how unhealthy it is to bottle things, such as jealousy, inside.

3. Post in English, please.

4. Official Disclaimer: Charicefan is not claiming any ownership on any network-related videos posted. We are not making any money out of this. Our only goal is to spread some Charice love here in LJ.